Punjabi Panjiri || How to make Panjiri || Authentic Panjiri Recipe

Punjabi Panjiri || How to make Panjiri || Authentic Panjiri Recipe

Description :

Atta – 300gm
Bura – 300gm
Desi ghee – 300gm
Badam – 50gm
Kaju – 50gm
Kishmish – 50gm
Dry Coconut – 30gm
Gond – 30gm
Makhane – 30gm

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Punjabi Cooking is all abiut Indian Veg,Nonveg recipes Cook & Learn simple easy Authentic Food recipes step by step.Never miss any of your Favourite Recipes update.


Punjabi Cooking is all about Indian Veg,Nonveg recipes.Cook & Learn simple Easy recipes step by step.

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