Strawberry Jelly |Agar agar jelly|Valentine's Day special

Strawberry Jelly |Agar agar jelly|Valentine's Day special

Description :

Hi friends,welcome to madhu samayal
agar agar 10grams
Agar agar is got from seaweeds which is
gelatinous substance
chop it finely
rinse once
soak for 30mins in 1cup of water
1 pack strawberry
7-8 strawberries
chop it finely
grind it to fine paste without adding water
filter it
1cup water
10tsp sugar
adjust sugar according to your sweetness
let the sugar melt
low to medium flame
sugar melted
add soaked agar agar
sim flame
stir occasionally
10 -15mins
agar agar melted
filter it
few red food color(optional)
mix well
pour in silicon moulds when hot itself
pour in your favourite shapes
break the bubbles before it is set
keep in fridge after it gets warm
2hours in fridge
demould the jellies gently
thank you friends

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