Quinoa tomato bath One pot Recipe| Paneer Fry|Lunch Menu

Quinoa tomato bath One pot Recipe| Paneer Fry|Lunch Menu

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Lunch Combo menu
Tomato Quinoa Bath
Paneer fry
Lets see paneer fry first
1 tbs ginger garlic paste
1/2tsp turmeric
1tsp chilly powder
1/4tsp pepper powder
1/2tsp coriander powder
1/2tsp garam masal
salt as needed
tomato sauce 1tsp
corn flour 2tsp
mix well
add little water and make thick paste
not watery
150grms paneer
marinate paneer for 30mins
coat well gently without breaking
deep fry till golden brown both sides
crispy paneer fry ready
Tomato quinoa Bath
Tastes great.Quinoa is a good replacement
for white rice
Quinoa is seeds which is high in protein,fibre
vitamins and minerals
it is gluten free too
rinse well and soak for 15mins
1cup quinoa
1tbs ghee
2tbs oil
1 onion
1tsp ginger
1tsp garlic
Tomato big 1
1/4tsp turmeric
salt as needed
tomatoes mashed
garam masal 1/2tsp
chilly powder 1tsp
1/4tsp pepper powder
drained quinoa 1 cup
1 1/2cup water
close cooker .Keep in high flame till steam comes
When steam comes, keep sim flame and put weight .Cook 10mins
garnish with coriander leaf
share with your friends .Thank you
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