Pongal Celebration Procedure |How To Celebrate Thai Pongal At Home

Pongal Celebration Procedure |How To Celebrate Thai Pongal At Home

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Home decluttering https://youtu.be/6lxc28nkgLk
deep cleaning https://youtu.be/Kjuz1Uqf1Bk
rice pongal in cooker https://youtu.be/YGnpn_9OZZ4
millet ven pongal https://youtu.be/Jg4meoG0IHM
ven pongal https://youtu.be/pECmZ98TMfs
grand veg lunch meals for pongal https://youtu.be/BCNeRgK60dc
pumpkin recipes https://youtu.be/XwlKG7dL20c

Hi friends,Advance Happy pongal
Pongal Celebration Procedure
Many of them prepare only cooker pongal on pongal day
Many forgot to keep mudpot pongal in front of house
Pongal means “boiling over ”
So it is the happiness to see the boiling over of pongal
and shouting PONGALO PONGAL in rejoice
Pongal celebration is for 4 days
Pongal is harvest festivel
First day is bhogi festivel
Useless household articles
are thrown into the fire made of wood
Declutter the house and home
is ready for pongal celebration
Kaapu matti is tied in house for protection
From negative energy
Second day of pongal is Thai Pongal
or Suriya pongal
Suriya pongal is the day to give thanks to Sun
and Farmers who provide food to us
entrance is decorated with colorful rangoli
stove is decorated with rice kolam
Pongal pot is decorated and tied with turmeric plant
Grand vegeterain meal is prepared on that day
Check description for the pongal cooking
video and declutter video
Prepared with different types of 7 vegetables which
will be very tasty and grand feast
different vegetables curry and gravies prepared
According to their family tradition
Seasonal veggies like Pumpkin,Mochakottai,sweet potato,
Cabbage,raw banana ,brinjal,carrot ,
beans, etc are cooked on that day
suriyan pongal pooja is done in front of entrance
keeping all veggies ,pongal,turmeric pillayar,rice padi,
sugarcane,fruits and we thank Sun God
Third day is Maatu pongal which is thanksgiving day for
cows,buffaloes and jallikattu is conducted in villages
Fourth day is Kaanum pongal, which is family picnic day
Next video will be How to keep pot pongal in stove
with detailed guide.Thank you friends

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