ऐसे बनाएं लहसुन और आलू की सब्जी। लसुनी आलू। Lahsuni Aloo

ऐसे बनाएं लहसुन और आलू की सब्जी। लसुनी आलू। Lahsuni Aloo

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ऐसे बनाएं लहसुन और आलू की सब्जी। लसुनी आलू। लहसुनिया आलू Lahsuni Aloo
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Lahsuni aloo is a flavorful aloo ki sabji recipe prepared with potato and garlic as the main ingredients. Watch video to know how to make this delicious Lahsuni aloo recipe in hindi. There are different versions of Aloo ki sabji, but this Aloo ki sabzi or Aloo recipe is made with a twist in the normal Aloo curry. It is made as a fusion of aloo fry recipe and Aloo kurma. Aloo sabji or Aloo masala made with boiled potatoes in a flavorful spice mix as we prepare aalu tamatar ki sabji or aloo bhaji with some twist in the method of preparation. Lasooni aloo or aloo and lahsun ki sabji is a special dish which you can prepare for any occasion also.
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