मूंगफली से बनाये हैल्दी दूध और मुलायम पनीर Peanut Milk & Peanut Paneer | Vegan Milk & Vegan Paneer

मूंगफली से बनाये हैल्दी दूध और मुलायम पनीर Peanut Milk & Peanut Paneer | Vegan Milk & Vegan Paneer

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Ingredients –
300gram Peanuts
Lemon juice / Vinegar
Method – Wash peanuts and soak in water for8 hours. Remove water and transfer soaked peanuts in a mixer jar and one cup water. Grind and try to make a fine paste, open the lid and add one cup water and grind it again. Again open the jar and add one cup water and grind it. Now it will become a fine white paste. Now place a muslin cloth on sieve. Place this sieve on a bowl. Transfer the paste in sieve and squeeze. Take out all peanut milk and collect in a bowl. Repeat this process with whole paste. Now you will get peanut milk in bowl and scrap part in muslin cloth, Transfer the scrap material in a jar and one cup water. Grind it and sieve with that same process. You can store this peanut milk in fridge for 2 days. Use for making smoothies, shakes and other desserts too.
For paneer boil the peanut milk and remove from the stove, Add lemon juice or vinegar and milk will start curdled. Transfer this curdled milk in a sieve with a muslin cloth, wash with water and squeeze. Place on a plate and keep a heavy object on it. Keep aside for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, our homemade peanut paneer is ready. Yo can make curries, salads and starters from this vegan paneer.

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