Rasgulla recipe | Bengali Rasgulla | घर मे कैसे रसगुल्ले बनाये | Chenna Rasgulla | Cookingwithpooja

Rasgulla recipe | Bengali Rasgulla | घर मे कैसे रसगुल्ले बनाये | Chenna Rasgulla | Cookingwithpooja

Description :

Spongy and tasty: Bengali Rasgulla!
Rasgulla, that spongy and tasy sweet is like heaven in our mouth. The soft and spongy texture of it just makes us love it even more. Rasgulla or Rosogulla is basically a Bengali delicacy, and a truly great one. Rasgulla have had a sweet feud between two states for its origination- Odisha and West Bengal but our very own Bangalis won the battle. Since it’s a patent Bengali dessert. Everyone loves rasgullas, I do too. It’s super easy to make. Rasgulla can be easily made at home. Over here I am sharing an easy rasgulla recipe rather a step by step rasgulla recipe and how to make rasgulla at home.
Prep time: 20-30mins
Cook time: 20-25mins
Serves: 10-15nos

1. Milk: 1.5ltr
2. Sugar: 250gm
3. lemon Juice: Of 2 Lemons
4. Cardamom powder: ½ tbs
5. Kewda water: ¼ tbs


Step 1.

At first boil 1.5litres of milk. Gradually start adding lemon juice to it so it breaks down and Chena forms.

Now, take a bowl and place mulmul cloth on top of it. Pour the chena on top of it so that the water drains off. Now, wash the chena at least twice so that the sourness subsides. Now squeeze all the water out of the chena so that a nice chena balls shapes up and keep aside for a few minutes.

Step 2.

Now take the chena ball out and knead it with firm hands for at least 12-15mins so that the mixture is nice and sticky without cracks.

Step 3.

Make small round chena balls out of the chena kneaded.

Step 4.

Turn the gas on, place a kadhai with water with level that the balls are immersed in it fully. Add sugar in it and stir to mix.
Put cardamom powder and stir. Add kewda water as well and stir.

Now, put the balls in sugar water and let it boil for about 15 mins with covered lid.

Step 5.

Remove the lid and the rasgullas must be twice the size now. Now turn the gas off and let it cool off for about 1 hour.

Serve it well with garnishing off saffron and pistachios. Enjoy!

1. While making chena out of milk if you see 2 lemon juice is not enough add a little more.
2. Kneading the chena is very important. At least for 15-20mins kneading is important.
3. Chena balls after boiling will be twice the size, so make appropriate size balls and use big utensil.
4. We don’t need sugar syrup just the consistency that sugar has melted in the water.

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