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Desi Cooking Recipes is an effort to bring all the various cooking flavors from different kitchens of the Indian SubContinent in one place. The website has cooking enthusiasts displaying a variety of cooking recipes from different regions, languages, diet types, cooking styles and level of expertise. The number of recipes is mind-blowing and it is also a treat for foodies since they can find new varieties to explore and savor.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediary or an extraordinary chef with Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Srilankan, Nepali and Burmese cuisine, you will find a ton more mouth watering recipes that you can select and try cooking.

Food brings people together:
The desi cooking recipes forum section is a community center for users and content creators to exchange ideas, and learn from each other about a variety of conversations related to food, recipes and cooking.

Do you have your YouTube channel?
You have made the first step of creating your YouTube channel. Congrats!
Your channel has been listed in the desi cooking recipes site because your videos and channel were considered to be having quality content and/or has the potential to be a high volume channel.

Increased Views and Subscribers:

Desi Cooking Recipes is a networking platform for all the Desi YouTube cooking channel owners to improve traffic to your YouTube channel thereby improving revenue. We would share valuable ideas to improve your YouTube channels and gain more views, likes and subscribers. The YouTube videos displayed here are embedded which means that every time a user views your video on deiscookingrecipes website, that counts to the YouTube video views. We have not downloaded any videos.

Let’s Grow Together:
YouTube promotes videos that get views from different sources such as instagram, facebook, external websites and also channels that have more subscribers. By featuring your channel on desicookingrecipes.com your channel videos get an opportunity to be viewed by loyal subscribers of other channels also. Our website algorithm would also highlight recipes that are favorited a lot and get more likes in our social media platform.

What if I already have my own website?
It is absolutely fine to have your contents on multiple websites. As a matter of fact, it is better for your YouTube channel to get views from several sources, as long as the contents are embedded. It will not benefit channel owners for YouTube monetization if your videos are downloaded and uploaded to another website. Desi Cooking Recipes has not downloaded any of your videos but has embedded them which counts towards your video views.

Can I also have my own website in addition to my videos on desicookingrecipes.com?
Absolutely! You can have your own website as well. Get in touch with us through the contact form if you want us to build a website for you. Our web developers are specialized in different types of layouts, designs, and technologies. We will be happy to build a dedicated website of your choice for your channel.

How can I increase my subscription base through desicookingrecipes website?
Following the below mentioned tips will get you more views, likes and subscribers. The list will be updated periodically.

  1. Claim your account by filling the contact us form and add more details such as ingredients and preparation steps to your video descriptions.
  2. Participate actively in the forum and answer questions posted by other members.
  3. Post at least one picture of your recipes (per day) in the forum with the link to the video on desicookingrecipes.com
  4. Post your video page link on instagram.com/desicookingrecipes one per day
  5. Become a member of the whatsapp group for Desi Cooking Recipes YouTube channel owners group and get valuable insights on how to improve your YouTube channel.

Check this place regularly for more tips to improve traffic to your channel and videos.

My Channel is not listed. How can I add my cooking videos to desicookingrecipes?
Please fill the contact form along with information about your YouTube channel and your contact details to verify that you are the actual channel owner. Our team will verify the details and provide you access to add details to your videos if they are convinced that you are the owner.

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